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Take the drudgery out of food service preparation with innovation from HIT Equipment, The innovators in efficiency.

We save you money!

HIT Equipment International is a Sydney based company with an international focus specialising in Cutlery Polishers, Glass Polishers, Cutlery Driers, Cutlery Washers and Cutlery Wrappers from Europe. We have brought these amazing products to Australia, so you've come to the right place for Restaurant Equipment and Catering Equipment.

Browse our selection of labour saving kitchen equipment, fill in the form on the left when you see something that will save you time and money on labour costs and we will be in contact with you to discuss.

Cutlery Polishers

Free up your staff today. Our extensive range of cutlery polishers process thousands of cutlery pieces per hour. From economical bench top units to advanced self-feeding machines we have a solution for every operation. Reduce labour with the world’s leading brand of cutlery polishers.

Cutlery Sorters

Sorting cutlery can be very labour intensive, our cutlery sorter will process thousands of pieces of cutlery per hour. The most requested item at every trade show.

Cutlery Washers

A solution to do it all with HIT Equipment. The old way of going from dishwashing to removing food residue to drying then polishing is over. We offer a range of cutlery cleaning & polishing systems that do it all - clean, wash, sterilise and dry your cutlery at once. No more long processes, just one simple solution.

Cutlery Wrappers

Wrap sets of cutlery into a napkin, the wrapping then becomes the napkin for the end user. This is a ground breaking product for hospitals and institutions.


Removing encrusted grease and dirt build up from kitchen tools has long been a nightmare for the busy kitchen. Help is at hand with our range of professional decarbonisers. Suitable for all kitchens from the smallest to the largest.

Glass Freezers

Glass Freezing system for impressive bar presentation.

Glass Polishers

A perfect finish in seconds. The Frucosol glass polisher’s turns hours of work into one simple process. 100% natural absorbent fibre-brushes adapt to all glassware. It’s the one way to ensure less breakage, fewer staff injuries and a hygienic and consistent clean every time.

Glass Washers

It’s the future of glassware washing. With Winterhalter glasswashers you never need manually polish again. Water is treated through a reverse osmosis process that automatically removes 98% of all particles. Combined with a UC series washer, the glassware dries without leaving a mark. The clear choice in innovation.


Our range of Frucosol Juicers make juicing oranges child's play. Check out or range of fun-to-use and easy to clean juicers.

Vacuum Machines

HIT Equipment supplies Vacuum Packaging Machines for commercial kitchens. Built to last and made to a standard that commercial kitchens and industries can rely on.

Vacuum Packaging

Get the highest standard in Vacuum equipment. HIT Equipment has a wide range Vacuum Packing Machines and bags for all operations, commercial or domestic. We stock most sizes of 70 and 100 micron bags. More than just effective, our Vacuum Packing Machines are built to last.


The latest in wireless calling systems. This easy to install and even easier to use system will improve your customer service times and keep your customers happier.